New here. lots of questions

Hello everyone, I am new here. 2 weeks ago I had an Mri scan on my head for suspected Ms or AN. I was refered by a neurologist for the scan after suffering for year with earache, balance and recently developed limb symptoms. I have already been through an ent specialist who did ct scan on my ear and neck. The only thing they picked up was a paralysed vocal cord that was ok when they looked with a camera. The waiting is driving me insane. Apparently my results are due to be sent to my doctors now. Then I have to wait 2 weeks to see a neurologist in another 2 weeks. Could any of you shed light on a few questions I have please? Firstly, How long did you have to wait for mri results? I have noticed people saying on this forum that the neurologist will also write a letter saying if it was ok or not. They did not tell me this. Is this the normal way they go about it? How many lesions do they need to find for it to be classed as ms? Thanks for any info xxx

Hi Shezyb

The lesions thing first. It is not a question of how many, but where they are situated. Check out the McDonald Criteria.

As for timing, you appear to be doing very well if you get the results in two weeks. I first saw neuro in May, had MRI in June. My GP talked me through the results in July which indicates that my lesions are in the correct places for MS, but only the neuro can give a diagnosis. I only get to see him at 8.30 in the morning, after waiting since May.

Hope you have a speedier journey than I am.


Zippy x

My letter from neuro arrived about 3 weeks after MRI.

Thanks for the information Zippy. You want to know one way or the other. I have a family member who is also going through similar symptoms but she’s pregnant so cannot have a mri until she’s had the baby. She is waiting to see what my results are aswell. I have had two episodes with my legs and back in April and the end of September. The first one lasted 8 week and got to a point I could hardly walk. The doctors put me on Neurotin and the second episode last 2 weeks which was a bit better. It’s a wait and see game now. I keep hassling the doctors to see if the results are in. I’m really impatient haha. Thanks again xx

Hi shezyb, I saw consultant after mri approx 4 weeks after, was told I had lesions and it was ‘highly suggestive’ of ms, they rang me to go to hospital to tell me. As the consultant was not a neurologist i was referred to neurology, that took 4 months. Found out this week I have active rrms. Don’t think the amount of lesions matter, its where they are (only found out this week I have approx 8), Neuro checked the list of symptoms with the scans, can’t tell you where they need to be unfortunately. C