New fatigue waves symptom

Hi All, I was diagnosed with RRMS back in 2015, and in the last few years have had lots of bouts of fatigue. These bouts have usually been days to a week long and felt like just extreme tiredness. However, recently I have been feeling pretty good in myself and nowhere near as tired as I have been. Except… I’ve now started experiencing waves of extreme fatigue that completely knock me horizontal and make me feel breathless and almost nauseous. The fatigue lasts about 20-30 minutes and happens 3-4 times a day. Had anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance Joe

Hi Joe

I don’t get it quite like you, but I do sometimes get a wave of fatigue come on fairly quickly, without any obvious reason why. I just go and lie down, and ride it out. I usually don’t sleep, just lie down completely zonked. I tend to listen to some bible teaching or a podcast until it passes.