Sudden Fatigue

Hi folks i got my nurse at 2 today just a quick question as yesterday i had a sudden hit of fatigue so bad i thought i was gonna pass out i didnt know which planet i was on and struggled to get up the stairs to bed where i stayed all day in bed my arms and legs were so weak and aching just wondered if anyone else has experienceed this or not as ive had 3 attacks this last 3 months of the same thing but this 1 was bad and it worried me a tad if im honest many thanks

respect Sean

Hi Sean, yes, I’ve had fatigue attacks as you describe. Mostly I have a general fatigue but occassionly I have a bout that knocks me for six!

Explain all your symptoms to your nurse when you see her today…Good luck!

Rosina x

Hello Sean

I just feel fatigued all the time…I’m PPMS. I don’t get the sudden episodes of fatigue like you describe, it must be horrible for you. See what the nurse thinks today.

God luck with appointment!


Yes, I do too :s I started this relapse about 3 weeks ago I think. I just feel wiped out all the time. It’s horrible isn’t it? I hope you start to feel better soon. I’m sure it will pass Hun xx

Yes, sheep, for me it is the main form my relapses have taken. Just a total wipeout.


yes i get these ‘meltdowns’ too. they are frightening at times,and you feel like you are about to die,at the time,know just what you mean.

J x

Hi Sean, not diagnosed yet but yes. Comes on suddenly, i slow down, everything is tiring, even breathing. Then I take only deep breaths for some reason but feels like i can’t get enough air in.


i have these they can be terrifying I often end up in a heap on the floor and can’t move. It is very sudden like you say but I have noticed I feel like I have zoned out about 12hours earlier when these totally disabling bouts of fatigue occur. Hope your nurse was able to advise -I haven’t found a solution sorry.


Hi guys how weird Jen mine hit on Weds too , an update for you and Geoff the MS Nurse reckons i hit a wall rather than a relapse and is going to talk to my neuro as he thinks its debatable if dmds will help me at this time i was glad to get back home but was glad she could see me on a bad day my legs didnt and still dont feel like they are a part of me and my tremor is huge i would fit in well at a status quo concert today , she has given me Baclofen 10mg every morning and up’d my Pregabalin to 600mg a day (x2 300mg twice daily) she said my pain in the ribs is most definately the ms hug starting and told me iff i dont want to feel like s&^& i need to take heed and rest on or in the bed during the day for an hour or so (something ive never done) ive knocked hyrdotherapy on the head for now as this week i felt contributed to the present and part of the ptsd rared its ugly head with a flashback and water etc etc so she is going to discuss my case and wants to see me again in a few weeks so will keep you informed many thanks guys

respect Sean

hope you feel better soon

Take it easy Sean. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Take care, Noreen

Hi everyone, I’m new to this so please be gentle with me :wink: feeling very very low at the moment as my mobility and fatigue is very severe and leg pain very aggressive.Also feeling depressed and isolated, I’m sure the depression hits most of us at sometime, advice on coping strategies would be great, thanks x