Waves of Fatigue

I have been getting waves of fatigue that knock me on my butt. They only last 20 min or so but every once in a while I’ll fall asleep on the sofa at inopportune times. Anybody else have this?

Waves describe it perfectly. It washes over me too with no prior warning or apparent reason. I might just have got up, it makes no difference. My vision swims and I feel unbearably heavy. The only recourse is to sleep. If I am away from home I have to battle through it of course but I find that takes a huge toll and I will feel exhausted for ages.


Yup, get whacked out pretty quick on occasions, my daughter always takes the mickey when I crash out on the sofa…


Thanks for your comments thought it was just me. I will mention it to my MS Nurse as well when I see her on the 27th of this month.

My daughter always jokes, “1,2,3 and she’s out” clicking her fingers when I sit down.When I wake up she jokes, “and now she’s back in the room”. I fall asleep a lot. Going to the pictures is tough, they dim the lights and that’s my que to sleep