New experiences

Hello from the late shift.

I do tend to fall asleep after the 10 o’clock news and wake up full of beans.

I have two new experiences on the horizon:

  1. Arrange non emergency patient transport for a hospital appointment-all efforts failed today so try tomorrow.

  2. I’ve just booked a flight to Cyprus; that’s me, a wheelchair, a suitcase and beer money. (yay!)


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I’m so excited for you …not about the hospital visit but Cyprus …i always think that your blogs are full of adventures…but this is amazing . Lee says that he would like to take me on a plane somewhere , the last time we went abroad was to Barcelona for our 25th wedding anniversary. I was walking then . I’d love to do something again . Lee was saying that We’d have to make sure that we got all Frazers paperwork right …i suppose it’s do able. See I’m inspired by your adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx