1st MS group

That was an eye opener. I finally got to see what all the gossip is about.

Met quite a few people with Secondary Progressive MS & had a good chat about life & peoples views.

From one extreme to another. It’s ever likely folks get confused.

When leaving, I fell & cut all my lip. It needs stitches but I’ll whack some gaffer tape on.

I shook hands with a lady suffering extreme tremors. Who was being cared for full time by her daughter. She excused her problem & I explained, there’s no need. She was too weak to do anything & fed via a straw. It was an eye opening experience. One the fakes need to see. She travelled miles just to use a piece of equipment to improve her circulation.

Telling folks how to spend their days, after a life of working, to be in a situation where your own child becomes the person who picks up the pieces of a failed, corrupt system of bureaucratic money laundering & medication flaws.

I’ll say no more, or I’ll be classed as losing my marbles by the real psychos. I’m a natural realist!

What a strange day indeed.

Take it easy & enjoy your days. Steer well clear of self proclaiming idiots.



1st physio appointment attended. It took 4 years to get one, but I’m apparently doing everything I should be. All without some know it all telling me. Using common sense is quite useful. Doing things, gets results. Wait for idiots to do anything & eternity will kill you. Wake up, or the vultures will pick your bones. Virtually too! They have lap tops & phones. Stay true…

It’s brilliant that you managed to get to the ms group Terry, I’m sure that lady really appreciated your support, I’d love to go to one myself . We have one a few miles away that includes any neurological disorders which is good as I’m still waiting for a definite ms diagnosis. They always say helping others helps yourself , I often volunteer on Saturday mornings at the park and I always feel so much better afterwards . Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

Played dominoes, spoke to every different stage of MS, donated £40 to the cause & saw my MS nurse all at the same time. So all in all, it was an outer experience. Seeing the folks using the gym equipment, glass painting, water colours, chips, tea & biscuits. The whole 9 yards. I even gave a lady with SPMS some of my Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp & B6 capsules. It was John’s birthday too & Reg won Super Ted in the raffle. Now I’m back home, waiting for my son to finish his driving lesson. Is that positive enough for the Anon’s? Terry


Terry that’s super I’m glad you had a nice time. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

All we have to do is stop listening to the clueless know it alls. There’s plenty about. Seeing how bad SPMS is, wakes you up. It’s a case of use it or lose it. Stay healthy & get out there. Terry

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Terry, I go to a rehabilitation centre once a week.

There is an assortment of people with MS, recovering from strokes and some conditions I’ve never heard of.

This is a group of people, supported by volunteers and professionals, trying to get their lives back together.

Our humour is wicked and we support each other. It’s free of the drongos. If I turn up with my little bowl I get stalked-well this week it was full of home made chocolate digestives.

Rock on.


I’d stalk you too if you had a bowl of home made digestives Steve.

I’m stuffing my face with some Marzipan Stollen Bites. I would say I have a sweet tooth, if I had any teeth, but they were stolen too. You’re right about the sharp humour. It’s the only way to move forward.

After reading my so called medical report, claiming I’ve got a screw loose. Who knows who to believe.

Perhaps my jar of spare change has taken someones fancy.

I sat listening to a busker for an hour, playing Christmas tunes. I threw a fiver in his guitar case & he turned into Roy Orbison.

I didn’t have any change & he was obviously good. It was cold too. Hat’s off.

You’re right, there are loads of genuine conditions. Why folks fake them, is a mystery to me. It’s not all sitting around doing nothing. Problems happen in the blink of an eye.

I made a friend egg on toast today & have a very painful burn. That isn’t taken into account, at all.

After falling all over the place & wanting to go for a nap, I’m just classed as lazy. Far from it!

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