Saying hi as im new here

Hi all not sure if doing this right but will give a go im Shirley 48 ive got progressive ms im starting to realise i need to make more effort in getting out maybe meeting new people who understand id like to feel happy again stop feeling sorry for myself so im hoping this is my first step so hiiiii :blush:

Hi Shirley, welcome. I am the same age and I have SPMS. I joined a local MS group as well as being on here…Its really nice to meet others at different stages. We meet once a month and also have different outings, try new things…its great for confidence and if you see someone worse than you doing something, it encourages you to try as well. May be there is something similar to where you live? Ali

Hi Shirley hello, my name is Graham and live in Northamptonshire and l have been diagnosed 7 yrs ppms.

Hello and welcome, there’s lots of people on here offering support and advice. I am 67 and was diagnosed at 49. I joined a gym! It was a pretty special place offering seated exercise classes and I managed some yoga and Pilates until I could no longer get up off the floor. I also joined my local MS group. Occasional coffe mornings, afternoon tea, Christmas lunch that sort of thing. I’d been a bit reluctant at first because I didn’t want to see how bad it might get. The best advice I got was try not to worry about what might happen because it might not.

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I am Debra 58, I was confirmed I have MS last dec 22

At the moment I am still very busy with my daughters and I have been self-employed for 20 years.

Thankyou replying i like the idea of a local group i did try see but not looking like anything local which i could get to but will try again and see
Thankyou once again :blush:

Hi thankyou replying
How are u doing are u managing well
I seem to be up and down
I broke my back in oct while that was healing my ms got bad and now back better my foot is worse than ever so i dont hardly leave house but slowly trying
Thanks again :blush:

Hi thanks replying
Wow fair play joining a gym i thought about it but thats it lol i need to strengthen my legs im very weak after a bad fall i broke my back which made ms worse
I love idea of joining somewhere to meet others with same worries same experience etc
I try not to worry about the future as right now is enough to think about
When i first got diagnosed 2015 i did all sorts of research wish i hadnt to many bad stories etc now i try to b as positive as i can in between falls
U take care and keep at the gym :+1:

I bought a treadmill and I walk for 10mins most days. Its got a frame around the front and sides so i can hold on and not fall - also it doesn’t take me longer to get my shoes on than it does to do my walk :blush:

Hi Shirl
Worth starting your search with MS Soc - Local Support and scroll down. Insert your post code in the search box.

My local MS Group is very well run and arranges a weekly chair yoga session too, plus occasional coffee mornings, lunches etc.

Also look at local facilities such as leisure centres. My local one in Rugby has a group called RSDA (Rugby Disabled Sports Association) which hires the small pool out twice a week. It’s interesting to meet other people dealing with other circumstances which may be accident or age-related or other conditions, rather than restricting yourself to groups just serving pwMS.


Hi Graham, I’m Graeme! Just over the border in Warks (Rugby) and although only diagnosed 2.5 years ago, should have had a diagnosis 7 years or so too. MS twins!

Hi Shirley
I’m 54 but got diagnosed at 41. To break your back too must have been a real trial. You sound as if you have a positive outlook which is so helpful.
I hope you do go out, there are a lot of lonely people that go out and appreciate someone just smiling or saying “good morning” to them. Its very rewarding.