Going the local MS group

Seen the gang at the MS group. Shared my bag of chips & had a bit of banter with those who genuinely have MS.

Sponsored a few folks, going up Snowden in a Helicopter to raise awareness. Supporting my local group.

Faced the usual digs & quizzed if I have MS yet again, by the ignorant.

Use it or lose it folks. Those who try & force their view. Recommending medications & treatments to try.

Make your own choices. Just because some folks claim to know it all, they aren’t always right.

I’ll keep using Iodine & using my electric blanket when I’m cold. Eating the foods I enjoy. I need to buy some ear plugs.

Terry thinks for himself…

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I bet your ms gang really appreciate your support. I think the snowden trip sounds wonderful, I bet you’d love to go too but it great how you are sponsoring others to go . Have you got any snow where you live ? We’ve got some I tried venturing out with Frazer yesterday , I didn’t go far but I got stuck coming back up the hill, the chair went into a skid and the bin men helped push me up the hill. Michelle and Frazer xx

I went to the local theatre to watch Kinky Boots with the girls from my MS group. It was an awesome night out.

If that show is ever on near you, go to see it, it was a blast.

There’s the usual know it alls in the group.

Life is to live.

Take care out there Michelle.


Terry, I had a spell of attending a local MS group’s Sainsbury’s coffee mornings. There were some interesting characters and they made me feel welcome.

They also offer wheelchair accessible transport for a contribution.

Some of the able-bodied people were less understanding of my (and others) general stance caused by this beast. But they were genuine and accepted what I said.

Now I go to a local physio group where people have MS or are recovering from strokes. We go to lunch every couple of months. It’s actually liberating to be with these new friends. No pressure to explain ourselves.

All the best Tez, Steve

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That nice Terry , we saw wizard of Oz at the story house it was very good Frazer like it as well because there was a dog playing “Toto” There was very good scenery and they had a house suspended above the audience in the hurricane scene. I hope you are keeping well Terry and not getting too cold . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Yay, a good story. They all help, to tide the onslaught of MS.

I’m doing okay thanks Michelle, how’s yourself?

I had the results of my 4th MRi this morning & there’s no newbies. There can’t be any space left.

Take care out there.


Glad you are seeming more upbeat Steve. Getting out there & living a little, wont do no harm.

I’ve started added folks on Facebook & OMG, the list of problems has gone ballistic.

Mention MS & get bombarded with divorces & unpaid bills. And they wonder why folks choose solitude.

Rock on Steve. Terry is going to fire up the sound studio in your honour.

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