New easy to use nail clippers

Hi all, something to make our lives a little easier.

I have problems squeezing normal nail clippers. Bought some new ones made by Tom who won Apprentice (don’t think I can mention the name of the clippers) after reading reviews. The two blades come together like scissors and the nail doesn’t ping off accross the room. Was very impressed - very little pressure needed and clippings easily collected. For me, with poor grip, they are a bit slippy but nothing that a couple of elastic bands can’t solve. There is also a free sharpening service!

Jen x

Hi Goldrat, they sound like something I could use so can I have a clue as to where to get them please

You can get them in most supermarkets, Boots and places like that. You can even get baby one, which are supposed to be really good for cutting babies nails without being scared you’ll cut their toes!

lts long-handled ones l need - as l find it hard to reach my toes now. Think it is time to get the chiropodist to come and sort mine out. My elderly mum has a chiropodist - foot man as she calls him - every month.