toenails (not ms)

Hi guys.

I had an appointment with the NHS chiropodist yesterday. Been seeing them about 2 months.

I had a fungal infection in the left big toenail, for a while, which my GP wouldnt prescribe anything for and actually told me to put nail varnish on it, like she does! Anyweay it did clear up after a few months.

Then the right foot`s big toenail became mottled too. But both nails were painful due to ingrowing nails.

Been having these cared for on a regular basis, as they keep growing inwards, causing pain.

Yesterday they said they think it would be best to have both nails removed and they would put some crystals in the base of the nail beds, to stop them regrowing.

Now I am alarmed at what Ill be like afterwards. Already immobile, but can manage some standing for transfers and hoisting for others. I know when my toes are really sore, standing is sooo painful and I expect Ill be hoisting all the time. By doing that, I``ll lose my ability to stand, as if I have a day or 2 in bed and dont stand for transfers, the backs of my knees are really painful when I recommence standing. Physio says it`s due to tendons and stuff shortening through lack of use.

Altogether a worrying situation for me.

Anyone else been through this and if so, can you offer me any advice, please chucks?

luv Pollx

I had my big toe nail removed about 26 years ago. I had it done in theatre with a local anaestetic. I didn’t have anything to stop it regrowing, which it did and I have never had any further problems with it. From what I can remember my toe was sore the next day, but fine after that. I was only 26 and had a 3 month old baby to look after so probably having to concentrate on looking after her distracted me! Deb