new duette catheters/problems with old one

Hi guys, further to spacejackets post about the new duette catheters.

I for one, was very interested as I have had my surapubic catheter for just over a year and overall, it does make life easier.


I have had about 5 occasions since it was fitted, when I have seen blood going into the urine collection bag and the tube from the spc. It does alarm me and my family and carers! It happen 2 weeks ago, but was really bad.

I have had a talk with the chief district nurse and told her of my fears about possible bladder damage ie cancer of the bladder, with these bleeds. Of course I read it on `tinternet!!

She has discussed with me the probable reason why the bleeds are happening. It must be due to the tubing being tugged and pulled causing trauma to the bladder.
She said she has never ever nursed anyone with bladder cancer caused by a catheter. So I have to believe her,don`t I?

Anyway the new duette catheters with 2 balloons,which will protect the bladder from damage better, are not yet available in UK.

So now I check my pipework more often!

luv Pollyx

Like Poll - l looked at the website - and even emailed them. They answered straightaway and apologised about not being able to supply UK - ln US, the FDA have approved but they need another certificate - l think it was CE mark. before they can start exporting.

l shall have another word with the lovely Gail - who works for Wilkinson Healthcare - see if there is something similar available.

Seeing the youtube pics of the inside of the bladder shows the damage - and these pics are not of a empty/deflated bladder.

Because l have nil control of my bladder - l have to have my SPC on permanent drainage. So a ‘flipflow valve’ is out of the question. With the valve you can let your bladder fill - and empty when you feel the need.- even connect the valve to a drainage bag - then just ‘flip’ the lever to empty. This way - you need not empty the bladder completely - leave a certain amount in so the bladder is not completely deflated.

On the Streetsie website [Supra pubic catheters] There has been some Q&A 's on the Poiesis Duette - as many folk are interested - apart from US - it is not yet available UK /Europe/Australia.

Well I think it is a case of wait and be patient…I chuffin hate trying to do that! But I`ve got no choice!