Suprapubic catheter

My bladder is confirmed as big enough to have a Suprapubic catheter, will also have Botox injections. Take a look at my blog for more details. please leave any comments you might have. Keep well everyone Amazon lady


Good luck with it. I know of a few people who really benefited from supra pubic catheters. If I had to be catheterised long term I’d go that route too. You must be so relieved to have a solution.

Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

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Great blog Amazon lady. I tweeted it. Really well done!

Good luck with it!

Pat xx

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Hope it all goes well for you, and also that you don’t have to wait long for your appointment.

Enjoyed reading your blog, thanks.

Pam x

Great blog again! I wish you the very best of luck with both procedures!

take care,

Nina x


Thanks for your comments guy’s I really appreciate it, I will let you know how I get on. Please pass on my blog address to anyone you think might be interested. Have a good day Amazon lady


l was interviewed and videod for healthtalk online about 3 yrs ago. l presume my video /interview will still be there. They were interested because of the way l wear my SPC - which l have had for over 20yrs. Since then - l was have found out about a new design of catheter - in US called a Duette - designed and made by Poesis. The old foley cath is 70 yrs old - and is not without its problems. Especially, if like me it is a very long term proposition. You can see on youtube the damage the foley catheter causes - trauma/pain/ and because it damages the bladder wall it also leaves the patient open to serious uti’s.

The Duette has two balloons - one is on the tip - this prevents the tip of the catheter with its eyelet holes - from getting sucked into the bladder wall and causing blockage and pain. The Duette has FDA approval - lts made in Florida - but up till now still no CEO mark for export. Thankfully, my friend was staying in Jupiter Florida near this company and they were kind enough to let her collect some samples to bring back for me. My catheter nurse is very impressed with them - and is hoping that it will not be long before they are for use over here. When l say ‘samples’ they actually gave me enough for 3yrs.

Recently, a programme on breakfast tv - were discussing the old foley catheters - it was University of Southampton - they were trying to design an improvement. l did email them saying that a new innovative design was available in USA. They have not replied - probably not the news they were looking for.

lf you do see my interview - you will see that l do not have any length of tubing - do not strap the drainage bag to my leg. The way l do it means it is virtually undetectable and so comfy - and it works most importantly. And l never connect up to a drainage bag on a stand at night. The Manfred Sauer bag l use is 600ml direct connect. And has a comfy cotton-feel backing that sits nicely against my tum - just below my waist.

l haven’t told about the new type of catheter yet.



Morning Frances

thanks for your comment, I will look for your YouTube video and get back to you.


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l am still on the healthtalkonline site - look for age over 60 - and l am there making a fool of myself. But do pm me if you need more advice. l knew nothing when l first had the SPC done - and l would have loved to be able to talk to someone who had it done. Alas, the good old ‘Queen Mum’ is no longer with us - and she had a SPC for many years.

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Morning Spacejacket I’ve looked everywhere but still can’t find it, can you send me a link please.

thanks Deborah living with an urinary catheter. Look for the supra-pubic catheter group - then the over 60’s - then look for me. When l looked my pic comes up on the page - which does give me a ‘jolt’ You can see how l manage mine - without Bridget Jones nix.