New catheters for SPC

l have had a SPC for many years. Recently, it has become more uncomfortable - as my bladder has shrunk after being deflated for so long. The foley catheter has a pointed end that causes pain and trauma as it gets adhered to the bladder wall. On a website about SPC - Streetsie l have just learnt about a new catheter called Duette. lt has two balloons - one over the pointy end. So obviously, more comfortable and less troublesome. lf you google it - there are videos and info.

Hopefully, l can find out who distributes them as l am keen to try. Shall contact Manfred Sauer and Wilkinsons see if they know about it.

Just thought l would share this with you - as l know l am not alone with my SPC!!!

Poll, this could be the answer for you as l know you have had problems recently.

Just spoken to Wilkinsons Healthcare - they told me to contact Gail - their specialist nurse. Have spoken to her and she is looking up ‘Duette’ catheters right now. She said she is on the case!!

So who is the case she is on?

S xx

Emailed the company producing these Duette catheters - Poeisis. They replied straightaway saying that it is FDA cleared but still waiting for a CE Mark so they can distribute worldwide.

After looking at the youtube vids and seeing the damage a foley catheter does to the bladder wall - l hope they get the OK pretty soon.

Hi, I also watched that scary video about how a catheter can damage the bladder.

After my awful bleeds last week, I really want the new Duette.Going to ask nurses about it.