New diagnosis finally

Hi, I have finally been diagnosed with MS after about 3 years with symptoms. Things got worse when I had surgery for ulcerative colitis. I had my large bowel removed with permanent stoma, and I was so ill and weak before,that my MS got worse. I had very weak left leg with clonus and struggled for quite a while. Things have improved and I have been referred to orthotics for help with drop foot. What will they do? also does anyone else have other auto immune diseases with their MS? Many thanks Clare

hi clare

the orthotics will provide you with a device that you wear to help correct your drop foot.

i was lucky enough to only need an insole.

there is a wide variety of orthotics, some more comfortable than others.

there is also the FES which gives electrical signals to tell your foot to lift and bend but you’d be very lucky to get this.

good luck and i wish you a comfortable orthotic!

carole x

Hi, so sorry to hear youve had to have a stoma through the uc. One of my sisters has uc and I know how scared she is incase it ends up as serious as your`s.

I once had a splint to wear to stop drop foot, but I couldnt get on with it. Hope whatever they try helps you.


I was given a foot orthosis that is basically an ankle brace. It supports and strengthens my ankle as I walk. I’ve noticed that I suffer less pain when I use it, but I still suffer fatigue. The support increases the size of my foot and ankle, so I’ve had to buy new shoes to accommodate it.

hi clare

poo! (i’m trying not to swear) so you will need a pair of shoes when it is only one that you need.

pity you can’t pass the other one on to someone in the same boat.

anyway i wish you well with your walking

carole x

Hi all, many thanks for your replies, not heard anything yet.