Walking problem.

I need some advice what to do because it’s depressing not to know what to do.

Hi mukrra - what sort of problem are you having with walking?

Hi TeheresaB

I have something called foot drop, when my leg don’t want to lift normally and I slam it down every time I make a step.

And I can feel back paine all the time when I walk or sit, my legs feel like they will collapse any minute.

When I walk around 20 min I must slow down very much because I feel that I will trip, and my leg ( specialist right site) is very week, so my steps are very slow and not straight.

That after first relapse they change my medications to something stronger. But I feel useless. I can even walk the dog for 30 min.

Hi mukrra - first question, have you seen your ms nurse/neurologist about the walking problems, and do you use a walking stick/elbow crutch?

Some of the pain you are experiencing may be a result of your body position when you walk, you might benefit from seeing a physiotherapist and/or orthotics specialist who can advise on ways to improve posture, which will help with the back pain, and any devices that could help with the foot drop and any other skeleto-muscular issues there may be.

There are a lot of devices available to help with the foot-drop, splints, braces and electrical nerve stimulation devices can be helpful for some.

If you are in the UK, you can get some of these devices through the NHS via the Orthotics Dept. of your local hospital.

I have balance issues, knees that give way from time to time and mild foot-drop - I use a walking stick for now, but if it gets worse I will switch to an elbow crutch (or crutches); and I have made to measure orthotic insoles which help keep my knees in the correct alignment when I am walking. The insoles are such a simple thing, but they have made a huge difference to my ability to walk, no more ridiculously painful feet, knees and back.

Yes I think that my problem could be when I started walking funny and I can’t shake it of.

I’m on the list to see neurological ppl to help me start some exercises.

I realy consider walking stick but I am still before 40, but when I have that problems I have to swallow the idea that I don’t need one because I need.

You have to decide which is worse, people wondering why you are using a walking stick or face planting in the middle of the road whilst crossing (been there, done that, wish I had a t-shirt for it).

Face planting is way, way worse than any odd looks or comments about using a walking stick you might get, in fact most people wont even notice it. Yes, the first few times to go out with your stick you will feel a bit self-conscious about it, but you will quickly get used to it and you will be more confident walking, you will probably still need regular breaks, but hopefully you will be able to go further and have less aches and pains too.

I now have a collection of walking sticks for different occasions; a couple for work, a few for when I go out with friends in town; a couple for when I attempt walks in the countryside which act as a perching stool for when I need a rest (which is quite often), and a few random walking sticks that I saw and thought “I like the look of that one”.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think what ppl will think looking at me I don’t care about that. It will be for my own protection.

I never thought that I will be needing walking stick. But when I have app I will mentione that and try to resolve some problems.

Thank you for opening my eyes on the position how I walk.