Knee problem

I walk with 2 crutches. I have foot drop in my right foot. Over the years my walking has deteriorated. My right leg stays pretty straight when I walk, so my right leg goes out then in when I walk. I’m trying to unlearn this way of walking and to get back to bending the right leg when I walk, but is very difficult. I’m seeing the physio but I wondered if anyone here has experienced something similar.


Hi Derek,

I walk with a crutch and thought I had foot drop but it turns out I have a problem with my knee.

I have been referred to see if a splint is going to be of use. Not sure but I will go and see about it.

I have been going to a physio for about 3 months now and religiously do the exercises. I wasn’t sure if they were doing any

good but I was told today by someone I hadn’t seen for a while that they thought my walking had improved. My knee still

doesnt bend but i am going to persevere with the exercises in the hope that it will make a difference eventually.

I have also been toying with going to try reflexology. I am determined to try and stay on my feet for as long a I can.

Mags xx


thanks for the reply. Can I ask if you ever walk downstairs? I try to ask much as I can because the right knee bends when I do this. Then for a few strides on the flat the knee bends a wee bit, then it’s back to the straight rigid leg.


lt is the same for me - foot-drop and a hyperextending knee - thats when it locks back straight instead of bending. Because l have struggled to keep upright and mobile all these years with PPMS [ 32yrs] l have worn out the ‘good’ leg - unusual wear and tear and have had replacement knee and hip. Knee replacement is not successful - looks like l shall have to have it done again.

What really helped me was getting orthotics fitted to wear in my shoes. l went to my local physio-centre. They specialise in orthotics and moulded a pair to fit my feet. Straight away my ‘stance and balance’ improved. l have one leg longer then the other - which was making me hitch that hip to walk. Now l have these orthotics with a rise in the heel for the shorter leg. lt cost me £68 - for the consultation and the orthotics. Money well spent. My GP tried to get me an appointment with in the NHS. But l would have had to wait at least 4months for an appointment. The hospital was 30miles away - and l found they do not mould them specifically to your feet. lf your feet are supported well - no dropped arches - your ankles/knees/hips/and spine automatically are lined up correctly.

My foot drop has improved. And exercises l do at Pilates [ l go once every 3weeks for a one-to-one hourly session] have improved my core-strength and l am stronger so find it easier to get up and down from a chair.

After all these years of MS - l did not expect to be in so much pain and immobile because of arthritis in my non MS side.

Yes, just like all above.

Left leg, dropped foot, left knee going into hyper extension at random and staying there.
My physio is working me very hard on exercises to try and stop the knee just short of locking up.
The best things that helped my walking were the FES for the dropped foot, the orthotics to position my feet correctly, and the three-wheeled walker (rollator) that combine to have me taking smaller steps, and staying more upright.


Sorry, should also mentioned that I use a SAFO (silicone ankle foot orthotis) which helps massively with dropped. I’ve tried the FES a couple of times but it didn’t help me at all.


A Fixed Swedish Knee Cage sorted out my problem wth hyperextension, although it took about a year.