Locked knee when walking

My left knee tends to lock when I walk. The right knee is fine, but when the left locks it messes my balance. Often I have to walk with my left leg straight.

Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any walking aids to help? Are there any exercise I can do to strengthen my knee?

I currently walk with a crutch and a splint to help with my dropped foot. I am due to see my physio next week

Physio is probably the best thing for you.

The problem does seem to come along with dropped foot. It gets me two ways:
When it snaps from slightly bent to locked back (hyper-extension).
When it snaps out of hyperextension to slightly bent (probably worse as your body seems to drop half an inch).

A lot of physio got me to the point where most times it did not “snap” from one to the other, but moved smoothly. But it is stil very annoying.


My knee locks when going down stairs when my drop foot plays up,not fun!! My physio got me doing calf stretches.