Walkus Interruptus

Been experiencing a new kind of leg symptom for me rather a lot of late, usually on starting to walk. I sort of go to start but it is thwarted by the lead-off leg dipping uncommanded for a few seconds at the knee after it contacts the ground which then prevents it acting as the pivot leg so the other can swing past it and sometimes the other leg bends in sympathy. Does that make sense? I momentarily stand flexing like a fencer without a foil! I am also slightly concerned as it is the leg that has behaved itself up to now, whereas the other has wobbled and dipped or given way periodically under load for some time. Anybody know what I am talking about?


Yes, I’ve had this. My left leg just gives way. It’s onlly happened a couple of times but it’s not very nice. Do you get balance issues at all?


Do you mean your knee(s) buckles? If yes, then yes, I get this. It was a major problem a couple of years ago, happening all the flipping time! It’s a lot better now, but it still happens unexpectedly and has me flailing around to get my balance back.

Karen x

Hi, read and re-read your leg issues. i was wondering if it could be foot drop.

This is very common in MS type conditions. if it is, then there are appliances to help, such as FES,

Foot drop caused most of my falls and i was using a wheelchair shortly after onset of problems.

You could ask to see a physio, who may be able to tell you what`s going on and offer helpful ideas.

luv Pollx

Yep, Elvis leg syndrome. I get that all the time!

Sounds very similar to some aspects of “dropped foot”.

If you stand erect, the first thing to try is can you move your knee backward into the “hyperextension” position (the point where it locks) and then move it forward smoothly into a normal position. I am OK with my right leg, but my left leg jerks from one position to the other (I have left side dropped foot). This would be trying to do a movement that is a normal part of walking.

You could suppose that your condition is a sort-of warning that other things may soon develop.

Methinks that you need to see a neuro-physiotherapist as soon as you can I had a course of sessions with one, and it made a difference to my stability. It is still rubbish (weak legs) but now I can retain enough balance to decide which way I want to fall (toward the nearest support, naturally).


Thanks definitely the knees, and balance frequently goes, but ankles are fine. I thought footdrop was caused by something like loss of ankle strength/tone?

Foot-drop is usually either nerve damage, or muscle weakness.The basic idea behind FES is that if the nerve pathway in the lower leg is intact, then an electric current between the nerve and the muscle will tighten the muscle - lifting the foot outward and upward.

The first sign that I had a problem in that area was when the leg muscles would not hold me upright after some strenuous activity (involving two sets of drain rods), and I slowly sank toward the ground. It is the knees that hurt, but the leg muscles that are the problem - now I cannot even stand still on the bathroom scale!