New Diagnosis but not much help

My Daughter has had a recent diagnosis of MS aged 34, after begging for help since 2016, they now say she is in MS crisis and she can barely walk, she has practically list use of her hands, her pelvic area numb so toilet is difficult and she has developed a UTI, she has a throat infection spread to her ucoficus and she is in extreme pain 24/7, to which she is just left alone to deal with as MS nurse needs the neurologist to assist.
The Neurologist gave her the 5 day steroids and gave a small prescription of baclofen for pain, then went on leave so there is nothing anyone else can do until here returns.
She is in an awful state it is conpletely heartbreaking.
Can anyone else advise on how your treatment went after diagnosis if it was in crisis.
Appreciate your thoughts and your time.

Hi Deborah

Your daughter’s GP can certainly help with pain medication and also refer her to an OT who can advise on aids that may help her. You can also do the referral yourself by getting in touch with the adult social services team.

If things are at crisis point ask her GP if she can see a different Neurologist.

Hope this helps, take care both

Pam x

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Try to have a discussion with the MS Nurse about getting the local district Nursing services involved in the care of your Mum and as Pam says - talk to your Mum’s GP about pain killers. Sounds like she needs an integrated package of care.

Heya Pam,

Thank you for your response, my Daughters condition declined throughout the night last night and today, she is now on her way in an ambulance to hospital.
Fingers crossed, this is heartbreaking

Oh Deborah I am so sorry for you both and I so hope things improve for you.

Take care

Pam xx