Don't no what to do ...

Well I will start by saying hope everyone is as good as can be and apologise for my moaning post Just since last Monday I’ve become very tired again the tiredness that hurts and knew something else was gonna kick in then on Thursday I had the dead leg arrive and can no longer bend my toes I’m a single mom to 3 kids and today feel like a failure I’m that exhausted that it seems as thow every part of my body hurts I could have cried this morning with the pain of just plaiting my daughters hair I’ve given into the body and come to bed for an hour which I feel so guilty about as kids have to occupy them selves for an hour but really feels like I’m running on empty Sorry for moaning just wanted to vent the way I was feeling Xx

Hi Cody,

I thought the neuro was due back today, and you would be able to speak to him?

Or did I misunderstand, and you meant next Monday?

I know it’s hard, and cant imagine how much harder it must be with three children, but sometimes you have to manage it like a project, and not just passively wait for people to call you back.

There is nothing you as an individual can do to treat this. Steroids may help, but you will only get those through the neuro (I think some GPs will prescribe, but they may be a bit wary if you’re still undiagnosed, and want the neuro’s OK anyway).

You will have to get onto them, and tell what you’ve told us - that you appear to be having an “episode”. If your neuro is still out, some hospitals will let you self-refer to an MS nurse - although I’m not sure, if you’re undiagnosed. You could ring up and ask to speak to one, to see? Or keep plugging away with the GP. They are supposed to be the gateway to specialist services, so if the specialist services aren’t delivering for you, you could maybe get your GP to apply a bit of influence?

Sorry, that’s the best I can suggest, really.



Hi thanks again for your reply I have spoken to the neuro sec today who said she had spoken to my neuro and he was gonna chase my lip results up this week and she will then be able to book me into the clinic So not much use really at the minute and my Gp is hopeless at the best of times and did say last week there’s no point him seeing me and to call my neuro which I did Sorry for moaning it’s just today everything seems like it’s a massive task and I’m just whacked to say the least ! Xx

Should be LP results

Hello Cody01

If your gp is hopeless perhaps you should think about changing…you need a supportive doc. He should discuss things in general with you, any medication that may help ease your symptoms. Perhaps refer you to ot/physio etc for support, don’t let him off the hook, go back and see him. There is every point in seeing you!!!

Take care xx

Yeah think I’m gonna have to change gp I was just trying to hold out till all results are in as it took such a long time for me to get to this point Thanks for your reply so know there isn’t much that can be done I think I just wanted to let out the way I was feeling as there’s only so long u can keep the fake smile on your face Xx

Have you got any family or friends that can help you out with the children, so you can have a break?

It’s good to vent your feelings…helps me too

It must be really hard for you, with three young children to care for.

Take care xx

Not really no … Not in the way they would be able to take the kids my mom does have my 2 youngest every other Friday night but that’s the only real break I get I feel bad for moaning when I no there are plenty more people in a lot worse positions than I am just think yesterday I was so low had to just get it out Thanks all for listening always feels easier to get it out on here as I hate to burden friends and family with it all Xx

Never compare yourself Cody. I’m so glad my two are grown up, I would be pulling my hair out :slight_smile: If you live near Bridlington lol, I would be happy to help :slight_smile: ((((((hugs))))))

Hehe thanks :slight_smile: unfortunately I don’t lol xx Don’t get me wrong there not babies 10 , 12 and a 16 yr old boy very typical grumpy teenager Think I’m just stressed out at the minute I’ve also been off work since end of jan and can’t see how I’m ever gonna be right to get back but feel better for voicing how I’m feeling on here Thanks again Xx

Just a little update to why I have been feeling as I do … Ended up at out of hours doc last night doubled over in pain and found out I have a uti Do u think this may have brought on a flare up of my other symptoms ? Anyway I have a 7 day antibiotics and buscopan for the pain fingers crossed these do the trick and I will start to feel better soon Xx

Hello Cody01 Yes definitely, the UTI could aggravate your symptoms. Let’s hope once antibiotics kick in, you start feeling better. Take it easy :slight_smile: