Neuropsychology: what to expect/talking points.

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(I apologise if this message is a little all over the place, I’m a bit scatterbrained at the moment.)

I was recently diagnosed (past year or thereabouts) with RRMS, and am still coming to terms with my diagnosis and the physical/mental changes which have accompanied it. I have been seeing the MS nurse at my local hospital every 3 months to update them on my condition and have blood taken, but have found it difficult to talk in detail about my mental symptoms. I had issues with depression and anxiety for a long time prior to being diagnosed, but my mental state has become considerably worse since the relapse which lead to my diagnosis.

It now feels as though none of the events of the past year actually happened, and that there is a marked disconnect between my brain and body. This causes me a lot of stress, and I find it very difficult to talk about because every time I try to put it into words, it sounds like BS even as I’m saying it. These symptoms became considerably worse whilst on pregabalin, eventually bordering on dissociation and culminating in my having to come off the medication entirely. I have now been off it for around a month, but the issues are still there, albeit less extreme than they were previously.

I finally worked up the courage to mention at my last visit to the MS nurse that I was a little worried about my mental health, and whilst I did not go into specifics, I was told that a neuropsychology referral was an option. I got a letter through just the other day informing me that I have an appointment this coming Tuesday, but I’m freaking out a little as I’m unsure what to expect/how to talk about this stuff in a way that doesn’t make me sound completely insane.

tl;dr: recently diagnosed, upcoming neuropsychology appointment, incredibly nervous and unsure of what to expect.

Hi witch

I don’t have personal experience of this service but this description might be helpful

Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rubbish. You’ve been referred to the right people who have seen it all before and worse and whatever they deduce, they’ll help you incorporate some strategies to help you feel more capable and confident.

best wishes