Neurology Tomorrow

Well my Neuro appointment has changed from mid July to tomorrow arrrgh!!

I had a letter at the weekend cancelling my appointment so I rang yesterday to rebook and the lady said she would phone me back (didn’t) so rang again and they said they would ring me today. They phoned and said they had a cancellation and could I go in tomorrow morning!! - So it really does pay to keep on at them, if I hadn’t I would not have got this appointment.

Wish me Luck xx

Good luck is this your first appointment or is it an appointment to get results

Good luck xx

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you! It’s my first appointment with Neuro. Was referred because of MRI results x

Hi Tracy

Good luck for tomorrow.

It’s worth while taking with you a list of symptoms you’ve had together with approximate dates and duration (if it’s not too late that is). Also, write a brief few notes of things you want to know.

And also, unless it’s too late, if you haven’t sorted it out already, try to have someone go with you to the appointment. There’s been appointments that most of us have gone to where we come out and have to ask ‘what just got said?’ And that happens whether it’s good news or bad.


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Good luck Tracy,

it is a great idea to have someone with you as they might pick up on different things. I hope the neurologist listens to you because although they are a qualified professional, you are the expert on how you feel. You also need to listen carefully and not jump to conclusions based on any preconceptions.

all the very best,


Thank you. So they are not sure what the problem is and she is thinking it maybe something called Brachial Neuritis but not sure so having some nerve test and then back in 4 months. She didn’t seem concerned about the hyperintensity as there is only one and said if there was lots they would look at ms.