So who actually has a good one? There can’t be many of us!

Mine's not perfect, but he's quite good I find.

He seems a genuinely nice bloke.

The only difficulty is that he tends to be a bit blinkered when it comes to symptoms.  I'm offered treatment I don't want, for neuropathic symptoms that don't really trouble me a lot.

But symptoms which do bother me a lot more are dismissed as not being due to my MS!

So I feel like I can't win.  He wants to treat symptoms he expects I should have, but doesn't treat the ones I've got.

I suppose, as a neurologist, he's primarily interested in neurological symptoms.  But if you've got stuff that doesn't fit the picture, it tends to be dismissed.


I have to say the one I see is a caring and kind person.

I live in the B'ham area. I was passed to him by my previous neuro who had real problems giving bad news and appeared happy to send me to an ms specialist to tell me what was going on without saying it was def ms.

The one I have now likes you to be concise and factual about physical problems and how they affect daily living.He then says the gp and ms nurse can deal with everything else from an emotional and practical point of view,in terms of symptom managing meds etc.

He noted what had happened over the last few yrs and ageed I met the criteria for DMD and would start the ball rolling. That was all in my first consultation.

I will not be moving house unless he does and then I shall follow him as he appears to be a rarity.

I really do feel for the people faced with the rude and dismissive neuros that many of you are relying on for answers when you are already in a very dark place.


I saw mine first appointment - for a very short time - but he was pleased as punch that I'd made a list - he went through it and asked me the odd question - he did a very quick neuro exam and declared my problems to be in the lower brain/cervical or upper thoracic area. Job done - sent off for MRI's of all 3 areas.

He was a smiley, pleasant man!!

However - the MRI's are not what I was told they would be & I have yet to see him for a second appointment - so he could turn out to be Mr Magic or maybe Mr Minger!!

Wait & see methinks! xxjenxxx

Jen you've made nme laugh - I need it after the day I've had.

Well you've heard my neuro is an absolute * as I mentioned in mypost when I'm in better framne of mine and got somewhere with my diagnosis I'd like to do something to change the system - nit's jot on. They talk about patient choice well I think doctors like this should be named and shamed. I bet they wouldn't treat their private patients like this.

Well I've only seen mine another appointment to see him in November.

He came across as very formal...never smiled once, I felt rather uncomfortable...didn't do much to put me at ease.

Not looking forward to seeing him again!



Hi all,

I’ve seen one general neuro and one MS specialist but as I have PPMS they don’t want to see me again unless I want to see them for something. So I haven’t had much of a chance to form an opinion.

I have been cut adrift and told to get on with it and that it will only get worse. Lovely!

Teresa xx

Mine's very good. He spent an hour and a half with me at the end of his clinic when I went into hospital jerking madly the first time when he must've been desperate just to go home.

He then got his secretary to change my April appointment to February just because he'd said he'll see me in February and spent half an hour catching up then and then 45 minutes at the most recent appointment. He has listened each time and because my tests have come back clear he said 'I hear you, I know you want an answer. I think it's probably functional but I want to get a second opinion' !! I think I'm very lucky. No answers yet but in good hands I think.



Hi all,

Much as I now LOVE my neuro for diagnosing me, I learnt a lot along the way. At the first appointment, I kind of thought he'd be like a GP with an interest in neurology. Ha ha! They're at the very top of the game and their job is to diagnose you and choose which medication you get put on. Apart from that, it's the MS nurses who pick you up and help you out.

I was so stunned at how rude my neuro was at the first appointment, I couldn't quite believe it. Now, almost a year on, I can see that to them, we are just a collection of symptoms to be analysed and either put forward for more tests or held back until there is more evidence. I wouldn't expect a great deal of bedside manner. Mine diagnosed me while  writing on his pad, without looking at me. But when i think about it, they're under a huge amount of pressure, have a massive case-load and pretty much don't have all the resources they would like.

My advice would be to nurture your relationship with the MS nurses. They have seen it all before and are used to answering loads of questions you might have. They see the effects MS and the whole diagnostic process has on us mere mortals! And this forum is a GREAT place for any advice, no matter how daft the question - and I have asked loads in my time here.

Take care!


ooh dear. My neuro appointment isnt until July 3rd but I am already dreading it!!  Im seeing an MS specialist in July, so I really hope she is nice else I might just sit there and cry (on a bad day). lol x

I am lucky with mine.

He is open, honest, to the point but always adds humour and makes me feel safe.

I was shocked when I began reading the forum and the inadequate service so many others receive. Its just not fair.

I must add, that I have learnt so much about this disease and how to deal with it, what questions to ask etc etc, from this forum. I think the Neuros should prescribe it!!!


I've only had two appointments with my neuro so far and both times she has been quick, efficient, honest, informative and straight-to-the-point. Just how I like it :) No faffing about.

Tests have been ordered and results have been discussed and she always answers any questins I have ( if I remember them!). More tests have now been ordered to add weight to my eventual diagnosis. One that I am not in any rush to get.

Everything fine so far...*touches wood*

Does anyone else have a female neuro?

So quite a few have good ones, you lucky devils.
Moonie my epilepsy neuro is female. She doesn’t have much of a bedside manner and is very abrupt but she really knows her stuff. I totally trust her judgement.