Yes there are some good Neuro's, thank goodness..

HI, guys,

I’m still undiagnosed and have no real idea what is wrong with me, but I finally feel that I am getting somewhere at last. My MS specialist sent me to see a Parkinson specialist to check if I had a genitic disorder. I have to admit I didn’t expecct much from the consultation as I had googled it (I know I shouldn;t) and my symptoms didn’t fit, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I was give a full examination he listened very carefully to everything I had to say and for the first time in 3 neuro’s I didn’t hear the words “well you MRI last year was clear sooooooo”.

Instead he said they had to do more test to find out what the problem was as it was obviously begining to get me down after a year of symptoms, He has ordered a lumber puncture (not looking forward to it but still glad to be having one), a nerve conductivity test and has supplied me with a letter to take back to them when I am having an attack. This will tell the neuro all the test he wants them to carry out while I’m really bad to see whats happening to my body,

I finally feel like I’m being taken seriously and that I may if not get a diagnosis at least have an idea what is happening and what I can do or take to improve things.

So all I say is hang in there everyone and remember there are good Neuro’s out there unfortunately its pot luck if you find one xx

Yay :slight_smile: A neuro who skipped the “the patient is an idiot; don’t listen to them” lecture at Medical School :slight_smile:

Glad you’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:

Karen x

Please don’t worry about your lumbar puncture. There seem to be a lot of scare stories out there about them! I had a very positive experience with mine. All you feel is a sharp scratch when they give you the local anaesthetic and after that just some pressure. Also, I had no ‘headache from hell’. I felt absolutely fine and I know some people are not so lucky but I hope yours goes really well! Tree65