well hello everyone not been on here for a while but had to share what my husband and i thought was good news

since starting copaxone my ms seems to be on an even keel my neurologist said no one would know i had ms if they just looked at me. and no disrespect to the man that i trust we know that. sometimes that doesnt feel that way just been told to go to my doctor about pain i have with my back and with my feet because he doesnt beleive its the ms thats causing it even though i already done that and they put it down to my ms mm what to do now.

i must admit though for a moment there i really did beleive that all was good and id get better xxx

sorry if ive confused anyone i just write how i feel and that doesnt always make sense xx

Hi Sam,

I am thinking of going on to Copaxone, I had real problems with Rebif. Waiting to see my neurologist at the end of May. Looking at some trials as well. May give one a go. Glad you are doing well on it. I hope it continues to go well.

Adrian x

Ive been in a similar situation chronic pain, the neuro thought not ms… been on gabapentin and life totally diffferent. I would try pain medication and also get a back mri as mins showed damage which although they advised is not the cause of the pain is worth knowing Neuro said pain healthy related anxiety. Had cbt and they have just written to him that it is def not. Zoe

Sorry health related anxiety xx

hi sambo

it is all good and u will get better days…i know its easy to say but one day at a time is the best way. enjoy the good days,tolerate the bad because they both will pass. as i have become increasingly disabled i have found this to help. hope you find ur way to cope with ur ms


hi sambo

you’re gp should prescribe something for the pain. if he/she is reluctant ask your neuro to write to your gp

as ellie said, it is all good but you have to redefine “good”

copaxone reduces the number and severity of relapses but you still have ms

why dont you try some alternative therapies?

reflexology, HDOT etc

also try some relaxation tapes or mindfulness meditation

carole x