good news for me xx i beleive

i went to see neurologist yesterday, A Whole year since being diagnosed,

he seems to think that im doing really well , me too silently

ive defo not had a relaps this year

many episodes of different symptoms some scary some usual,

but no relaps i wouldnt have put it like that

apparently i need to accept my symptoms thats how ms is in a nice way,

i know he meant well when he said looking at you no one would even know you had ms

like i dont know that

im on copaxone seems to be working

for pain progabalin 300 x2 and nortriptalin 10 x3

maybe ive took it bitter but im not sure havei not accepted it ?

Hi Sam, sounds good to me. Long may it continue! Cheryl:)

Hi Sam, I’m with Cheryl, this is good news. I know they mean well but it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. It’s definitely a good thing that you’ve not had a relapse. Unless the doctor has lived your symptoms he doesn’t really know how it is, He’s just comparing you to worst case scenario. Suz xx