No longer need to take anything...

I was told last week by my neurologist that because I have been taking Copaxone for about 10 years, and haven’t had a relapse sinceIi started taking it, that I should come off of it altogether. He said that as it had been so long he couldn’t say if it was actually doing anything anymore. I would love to stop taking it and not have to deal with the side effects, but I’m worried that it could cause me to relapse if I stop taking it. Has anyone else ever been told this?

That’s great news! Long time to be relapse free :slight_smile: I can understand your anxiety and hope you get some experiences from folk. L x

That doesn’t sound right…if you haven’t had a relapse since using it, it sounds as if it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing, so why would you stop? He admits he can’t say if it’s doing anything, but do you want to risk it?

Good luck with whatever you decide.

I agree with Val. I would be asking the consultant what, in his opinion, a good response to Copaxone treatment looked like, and how that differed from your experience on the drug.


Hi Allanah,

I would listen to vals advice and question your neurologist? I would get a second opinion first before stopping the medication.


Going off Copaxone does not fit with the advice “treat MS aggressively and early” from a really good neuro, which I posted earlier today. Sounds like you should be looking for a better neuro.

When I saw your post SC, I immediately remembered this one. You have to throw everything at MS, not stop teatment that seems to be working, or at least is not doing any harm.

Alanah, Sounds absolutely crazy to me to stop a treatment that is obviously working for you. I would be so scared to do that. My neuro wanted me to stop Rebif for a couple of weeks due to high LFTs. I negotiated and its currently not happening . Stay strong Min xx