No longer need to take anything...

I was told last week by my neurologist that because I have been taking Copaxone for about 10 years, and haven’t had a relapse sinceIi started taking it, that I should come off of it altogether. He said that as it had been so long he couldn’t say if it was actually doing anything anymore. I would love to stop taking it and not have to deal with the side effects, but I’m worried that it could cause me to relapse if I stop taking it. Has anyone else ever been told this?

That’s great news! Long time to be relapse free :slight_smile: I can understand your anxiety and hope you get some experiences from folk. L x

I agree with Val. I would be asking the consultant what, in his opinion, a good response to Copaxone treatment looked like, and how that differed from your experience on the drug.


Hi Allanah,

I would listen to vals advice and question your neurologist? I would get a second opinion first before stopping the medication.


Going off Copaxone does not fit with the advice “treat MS aggressively and early” from a really good neuro, which I posted earlier today. Sounds like you should be looking for a better neuro.

Alanah, Sounds absolutely crazy to me to stop a treatment that is obviously working for you. I would be so scared to do that. My neuro wanted me to stop Rebif for a couple of weeks due to high LFTs. I negotiated and its currently not happening . Stay strong Min xx