Neurologist has lost his marbles

Hi everyone, I saw the neurologist again this week, he really has lost his marbles. He was very nervous and could not keep still. He kept on saying you have many lesions and he is not sure,every MRI has shown lesions on the brain and spine, then he looked through my notes and was horrified. He had thought that at that hospital I had a spinal tap and EMG. He ordered them and said he will see me in 9 months. Then he said what is your worst symptom I said pain and fatigue so he said for now let’s just call it M.E. I just don’t fit that. I have an MRI tomorrow in regard to my optic neuritis and I will see the opthamologist on Dec 9th. I spoke to my gp who is fuming. So still in limbo, fobbed off again and really at the end of my tether. Lina


there is not much to say to that other than it sounds really upsetting and disgraceful, can you ask to see a different neurologist?

Limbo is the worst :frowning:

Thanks Flaran.

Oh my god, i cant answer that lol…i would ask for a second opinion as a matter of urgency. this bloke is obviously so stressed he doesnt know its black friday today, never mind diagnsose someone with a life changing disease. He is so not sure about MS he doesnt understand it i dont think, some dont. You dont get LESIONS WITH M.E.

so i would put in a complaint and get a second opinion with an MS expert. x

Hi Crazy chick, I definitely will get a second opinion. I was thinking about the lesions. Maybe he is incompetent to practice. Lina

Hi Lina, I agree it’s incredibly distressing. How long till you get a lumbar puncture? The only thing I can say that might help is that if your lumbar puncture is abnormal then they will not ignore that. I agree about getting a second opinion but that can take time. I do think maybe a letter to pals might be an idea. Here’s hoping you get some answers very soon. Take care. Carole x

Thanks Carole, I will be writing a serious letter to Pals. Lina x