Neurologist. Are they timed? Are you ignored?


Well, I now remember why I haven’t seen my neurologist since 2008.

With various new symptoms and long standing symptoms, I thought I would make an appointment to see the Big Chief. He even ordered and I got an MRI scan before seeing him. This is looking good – I thought! Armed with a sheet of paper giving my symptoms I was wheeled into the room. Workmen were drilling away next door as he quietly mumbled at the MRI scan and my feebly thin file. I mentioned my list of symptoms and placed them on his desk – which was fully ignored.

“Let’s see if you can walk 10 meters?” Which I did clinging on to my wife and walking stick.

“Steroids 500mg, see you again.” I was then wheeled back out.

I think I got 5 mins in yet again even after all these years.

How long do you have and are you ignored?


I only get about 5 mins. That’s if I don’t need further advice. I’ve been kept 40 mins for my neurologist once and was and out in a flash. The average time I wait is about 20 mins. I currently seen my Dr every 6 months. Well supposed to but my appointments keep getting pushed.

I think they get too many patients on too short a timescale. At my hospital anyway. I’m suprised my Dr can be so pleasant when they’re pushed like that.

I know that Im only very new to ms, only being diagnosed last year but Ive seen my neurologist twice, the first time he was great as thats when I got my diagnosis and we chatted about the various options for dmd’s. The second tiem was very different, I had started my dmd’s by then. He was nearly an hour and half late, no apologie. I was seeing him because I had lost my site due to optic neurotis, he seemed very un-interested and wasnt really interested in my other issues. Im remember him saying “it will get better” and that was it. Then he packed me off and said id receive an appointment to see an eye specialist.

I had my mum with me and I remeber coming out of the hospital and her saying whats wrong? And I just said now I have a diagnosis they just dont seem interested.

My ms nurse on the other hand is a god send and I can not speak highly enough of her.

I don’t feel I was ignored, but it was VERY quick last time - under two minutes. He even apologised a little for wasting my time.

All that was needed for me to say I didn’t want DMDs, and he to say he thought I’d made the right decision (I’m not saying right for everyone - just right for me).

As there wasn’t really anything else on the agenda, I suppose we didn’t really need more time, but I was out so fast, even the receptionist thought something had gone wrong - that we’d had words or something.

She asked, cautiously: “Is everything OK?”

“Er…yeah, fine. That was it!”


Tina dont mean to go off topic but can I ask why you decided not to have dmds?

I’ll PM ya 'bout it, 'cos it’s not fair in someone else’s thread.

Might have to be later though, 'cos I’m doing a couple of other things at the same time.


They seem to be rushed, my last appointment a nurse kept knocking on the door and asking how long my neurologist is going to be as the other Dr wants the room cleared as soon as possible so he can start his clinic.

The only time I had a decent amount of time to chat with a neurologist is when I went private. That is probably down to the fact he had nobody else to see that day.


Hi Marty, sorry that didn’t go well as you had hoped. From various readings on here it seems to be a bit of a hit or a miss depending on who you see. I have to say that I have never felt rushed or that I am not being listened to. But I haven’t seen neuro for a while. I just see the nurse these days and again I don’t feel rushed or that she doesn’t listen either although I don’t find a consultation with her very useful and for me it always seems a bt of a waste of time. In fact the last time I was at an appointment with the nurse when I arrived the neuro was sitting at his desk on his own with the door open and he got up and came out to speak to me, not about ms in particular , just to pass the time of day, ask how I was doing. In fact he probably spent more time passing the time of day with me than your neuro spent at your appointment Marty! Cheryl:)

Hi Marty.

The last time I saw my Neurologist (last month) the session lasted for 20-25 minutes. He decided quite early on that FES could be a good idea, and that he would refer me (and I had the first assessment today). I got my copy of his report to my GP in about 5 days.

I saw my MS Nurse in early December, and that session lasted for an hour. In particular, she was asking some searching questions about how I was getting on with the Copaxone.

At this particular hospital there is never any feeling of being rushed, and sessions are usually started on time or within a few minutes of time (and that includes an LP, several MRIs and a couple of IV Steroids sessions).

OK, so perhaps I am lucky, but I am not going to complain.


I have a world record i have one for epilepsy and up to third for ms they say third time lucky. My first was more content with his coffee and sandwich with feet on the table true and then rough handled you. My second was right times ticking get moving and here’s a tablet so sod off. Now after clearly stating legal action i have been referred to a ms consultant so let’s see if he will help with medication, mind you the damage is done and can’t be fixed. I have been private and you get more understanding but a go a yorkshire hospital and there ms consultant is wiki pedia i love him. He pop’s into the eye clinic when ms patients are in clinc


The thing to remember is that they treat MS and not the person. We all have are own version of MS and no two versions will be exactly the same.His text books don’t say this.

Neuroligists like two dimensional case notes,but donot have the social skills to deal with us pink squidgy things



I was diagnosed in April by specialist and saw Neurologist in October. He was lovely and I didn’t feel rushed and felt he listened to all I said, well I know he did as I get copies of all correspondence between Neurologist, Dr and Specialist and it was all noted. I will see him once a year unless I need to see him before hand. Last week I thought I might have been relapsing phoned on Thursday and got an appointment on Monday. Thankfully not relapsing being referred to a Gyno as their area.

Ms Nurse appointments are for as long and frequent as needed so can’t complain there either. It seems that everyone’s experience is different and all regions have different level of services which is awful.

Hoping you get the attention you deserve soon.


I don’t feel rushed at my neuro appts but they don’t last very long either - about 10 mins. I guess I don’t have too much to discuss. On the other hand, I DO have to wait a long time- often more than an hour. I am pleased with my Neuro - his listening skills and action taken in response to needs. He seems a good guy. Aren’t they so different though? Roger


I don’t feel rushed and think my neuro does listen. I was with the same neuro from diagnosis 26 years ago until he retired 2 years ago, although sometimes I saw his registrar instead. I have just seen a new neuro and he seems pretty good too. Because I am not on DMDs I do not have a regular appointment, although I was offered this option at diagnosis. I make an appointment with him if needed. My GP mainly manages my ms and I have recently started seeing an ms nurse.

I think neuros, like other doctors, can vary a lot. Is it possible for you to change if you are not happy?