Neuro update

Hi All


Thanks for all the good advice in my previous post.

I dont know why I was so anxious about going. I do think it was because I was afraid of what he was going to say.


He asked about my symptoms and recents events and took notes ect.

Done the usual hands on tests as I call them.

Then said well, Im not surprised.


We then looked at my mri together (oh and his trainee, who was there) and he showed me my lesions.

2 in my brain and 1 in my neck. Then said 'you have MS'

(I also had a positive L.P)


We then talked about what is going to happen next ect.


I am happy to be out of 'limboland' and can now focus on myself and the things I can do to help myself cope with whatever the future holds.


For everyone who is still in 'limboland', I know it a horrible place to be, but eventually things will and do show up. Hang in there and stay strong.


Teri x


Hi Teri x I'm so sorry x wouldn't it be awesome if it all just went away for everybody xx

But like you say - you knew something was wrong and now they know what it is they can hopefully pull out all the stops to help you xxxxjenxxxx

Congratulations and commiserations - its good to get answers, but it’s not exactly good news :frowning:

Sounds like you have a good neuro there - that’s a definite plus.

Karen x