Neuro exam query

Hi everyone. I have a quick question I’m wondering if any of you could help me with. I’ve had a few neuro exams now. In my most recent one the consultant called out numbers to the registrar as he was testing my reflexes. When testing my knee reflexes he said they were slightly brisk but “not pathological”. Can anyone help me with what that means? Thanks Anon


Sorry, I don’t have a clue. No neurologist has ever done that with my reflexes etc. Or not that I remember!

I don’t get ‘brisk but not pathological’ either.

You may have to wait for your copy of the letter sent from the neurologist to your GP to discover what’s meant.

Hopefully soon (just don’t expect it too quickly, sometimes they can take weeks!)


GOOGLE is my friend lol.

Oh clever CC, Google seems to have done the job this time. So that explains the numbers and the ‘slightly brisk’ reflexes. Not pathological would then mean not caused by physical disease.