Brisk Reflexes

Hi, I’ve been having some dizziness and fatigue for the last few months and got referred to a specialist. He did a physical exam and said I have brisk refelxes. Because of that he requested an MRI and wrote ‘brisk reflexes’ on the form. I searched what brisk reflexes are and all websites seem to suggest that I must have MS or some other xondution because of this. Does anyone know if brisk reflexes are 100% indicitive of a neuro condition or could it just be random?

I see an MS specialist from Queens Square. I sought him out after a previous neurologist had told me I had brisk reflexes. First up, when he did the neurological exam he said in his opinion my reflexes were not brisk so there is an element of subjectiveness about it. He also said brisk reflexes can often mean diddly squat if they are entirely symmetrical. What would be far more concerning is if you had normal reflex on left and then brisk on right. It can DEFINITELY just be random.