does anyone know what this means please

Hi everyone, I have recieved my letter from my latest neuro appointment today and I’m really pleased with how much he listened to me. He is sending me for more test including a lumbar puncture (which I feel better about after reading the posts on here).

But he has added that all my reflex’s were brisk and that my plantars were flexor…does that mean they were normal?

Can anyone tell me what it means please,


Brisk reflexes are reflexes that are bigger than normal (so, e.g., when he banged under your knee, the bottom half of your leg moved more than it normally would) - so abnormal responses.

Your plantars being flexor means that your toes curled in - a normal response.


Karen x

Thanks Karen, thats good to know x

It depends where your prolapsed disc is and if it causing pressure on your spinal cord. If your disc is pressing on your spinal cord it could give you neurological symptoms and posibly affect your neurological examination.