plantar response

The letter from my neuro said that as well as hyperreflexia my plantar responses were equivocal. Am I right in assuming that means they couldn’t work out what the response was? Axx

Just had to Google equivocal. Lol No idea in response to your question though. Sorry. X

So did I hence still baffled lol Axx

Does it mean they are uncertain? Although why wouldnt they just try again? odd!!!

Maybe your toes were not behaving themselves. They neither went up or down and instead just wiggled a bit.

I really don’t know he did it a couple of times and looked a bit odd at them. I know they definitely didn’t curl down from my angle it looked like they splayed and went up. Hoped I’d know for definite from letter Axx

Well splaying out and up would mean positive babinski surely?? Am not sure how that can be misleading. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe they didn’t splay out and up in exactly the way he expected them to. When is your next neuro appt again???

But maybe they only looked it from my angle and he noted something else. Am baffled. Next appt in Dec unless they find anything on mri that means they need to see me sooner Axx

Hi Arwen! It looks like further investigation is on the cards for you. When your Neurologist performed the standard reflex test on you using his reflex hammer, you clearly demonstrated over-active/ over-responsive reflexes. Hyper-reflexia is indicative of either nerve damage or something that is affecting the nerves. The next test performed, tests the Plantar Response aka. Babinski Response. This is a very interesting neurological test Stroking the sides of the sole of the foot with a fairly sharp object, produces plantar flexion of the big toe; often, there is also extension and abduction (fanning) of the other toes. This is an abnormal response. When your Neurologist performed this test on you, he did not achieve a Babinski reflex- it was unclear. hence ‘equivocal’.

Thanks Tracyann I wondered if that’s what it meant. I have got mri of head and full spine booked in for 2 weeks time. He also noted that when he did the rhines and weber test with the tuning fork it precipitated the crawling sensation to my body- which it did it was actually funny as I was shaking and rubbing my arms and legs like mad to try and stop the crawling as the poor neuro was apologising Axx

Hi Arwen! I’d be very interested to learn what your MRI does eventually reveal. You certainly possess some very sensitive nerve ending-lol!! Best wishes and good luck. Tracyann xx

Ha ha yes I do nobody can touch me lightly as it sends crawling sensations up me so if I have a massage I tell them to make it almost a sports one or it will be awful. Will let you know what it shows when I hear. Axx

I have that too with the light touch thing! If anyone touches me or rubs off me i get creepy crawly feelings or electric shocks!! Can sympathise there. My husband rubbed my leg during the XFactor last night and I nearly hit him in response!!! Talk about exaggerated sensation!!!

Lol Lily its dreadful isn’t it. Our poor hubby’s I leap 10 foot if he touches me almost screaming Axx