Hi everyone, hope you are doing ok, just a quick question. Does anyone know what it means when a doctor writes the word Planters and then two upward arrows?

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A planters wart is a verruca ??!!

Oh my! I just checked my feet an don’t have any of those lol. Don’t you just hate when you can’t work out what the Dr is on about when they write a letter. I saw a rheumatologist yesterday who did some stuff then said I should have been referred to neurology, so wrote a letter for me to give to my doctor and one of the things she put what Planters and two upward arrows, its bugging me lol.

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Do you have any problems with pain in your feet?

I do have pain but mainly pins and needles in them, the doctor ran something up the soles of my feet yesterday, don’t know if it is something to do with that.


Yes, I think it does. The plantar is a plate of bone that runs along the sole of your foot and pain in your foot can be a condition called plantar fasciitis. Catherine

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Sounds to me like you demonstrated babinski reflex, so when the doctor ran something across the sole of your foot/feet your toes lifted up and separated, which is an abnormal response in adults, and suggests a neurological problem. It’s the plantar reflex, so that’s what I’d take from that. It’s not clear though!

  • I think it may refer to this:

    Upgoing plantar is temporarily exhibited when your big toe extends upward while the remaining toes simultaneously spread apart when an object is stroked along the lateral side of the sole of your foot.

Causes- Permanent upgoing plantar response is often caused by nerve conditions related to lesions of a motor neuron, the spinal cord or cerebrum.

Babinski Sign- Positive Babinski Sign is another medical term used to describe upgoing plantar.

I actually can’t remember what my toes did when she did that, I wasn’t looking and she had pulled my limbs around so much I was a bit fed up. Maybe only she knows what the upwards arrows means lol. I guess that could make sense, but then doctors have a language all to themselves don’t they. My GP actually phoned but did not mention it at all, just said she had got the Drs letter to refer to neuro, she is a litte slow on the uptake though, took 4 months to get a referral and she insisted on rheumatology instead of neuro, now another 18 week wait :frowning:

I would also guess that it meant that your Plantar reflexes were upwards on both feet. That suggests a problem with the upper motor neuron - the path by which the brain tells muscles to relax.

Karen x

Thanks Karen

Yeah I just had a my girlfriend who works at a doctors ask and you are correct. It’s been a rough few months waiting on referrals and now having to wait again. Hardly mobile what with pins and needles, vertigo, spasms, memory issues, speech problems, weakness, extreme tiredness, pain. Wish I knew what it all was. All I do know is that its not B12, or stroke or tumour or diabeties.

So upper motor neuron, can I rule out MS with that then?

Angela x

Fraid not Angela. An upper motor neuron problem is found in lots of things and one of them is MS.

Hopefully an MRI will reveal the culprit.

Karen x

Thanks Karen

I hate this limbo :frowning:

Hi, when a neuro was examining my feet with something that he used to stroke the soles, my toes did an upward movement. At this action, he looked at the MS nurse, who was present and together they said. spasticity!

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