Neuro Appointment Tomorrow :?

I have my first consultation, since my MRI and the possible dignosis of MS, with Dr Ian Redmond in Kent tomorrow.

What should I expect at this initial consultation?

Is anybody familiar with this consultant? Any suggestions for what I should be saying? I’ve thought about taking a list of symptoms but feeling more and more like a hypochondriac :oops:

Thank you x

Definitely take a list of symptoms with dates and how long they lasted - try and group things into “episodes” rather than have a long list of symptoms that all came and went at different times.

Also definitely take someone with you - they will provide an extra pair of eyes and ears, and help you with any questions that the neuro avoids(!).

What to ask…

  • ask for help with any symptoms that are troubling you.
  • perhaps ask for clarification about your diagnosis. Why is it possible MS and not MS? Is it the dissemination in space or the dissemination in time criterion that is not fulfilled? Would he consider that the changes since your initial diagnosis mean that you now meet the NICE criteria for a diagnosis of MS?
  • is he able to prescribe disease modifying drugs? If no, would he refer you to someone who can? If yes, does he believe that you meet the criteria for them?
  • if you haven’t got an MS nurse, ask for one & get contact details (ideally phone and email).
  • ?

Good luck!

Karen x