First appointment tomo

Hi all

I am undiagnosed and have my first app tomorrow with a private neuro ( still waiting on NHS but couldn’t wait ). I am quite nervous about this as I don’t know what will happen or what he will say. Im going to try and not go in all guns blazing telling him I think it is ms.

I will update tomorrow.



Good luck kat hope all goes well x

Good tactic. Nothing rubs them up the wrong way like being told - and by a civilian! - how to do their jobs.

Frankness when asked what you think might be the matter is good. But the thing you want to avoid is a consultation in which the doctor stops listening and switches into his/her automatic ‘explaining to the over-anxious patient that she really doesn’t have MS’ routine. And they all have one! Keep his/her focus on you as an individual.

Good luck tomorrow.


How did you’re appointment go kat ? x