neuro appt

Had my appiontment this week, was soooo rushed :frowning: i had a list with dates of when my symptoms changed ect,a nd my mrs had a list of things she wanted to say and we never got a chance.

Also I never had the bottle to say I thought it may be MS prefering his years of experiance to mine, did I do wrong? I was scared he wouldnt’ take me seriously,.

To top it off i had the first appt of the day lol, i numb up as the day goes on so only had a small area, tho tunig fork thing didnt work on my right foot.

But having said that he seemed to be very thorough, confirmed i have numbness in my face asked me how i was after a bath ( i norm get worse after bath or shower ) ect and i have to go for head and spine CT, blood tests ect, so he is giving me the full works, i just hope whatever it is they find it and can get it sorted .

Can i just say reading peoples stories and being able to sound off when feeling bad has been a great help, ms or not you have been a great support in the wee hours,

x ame

Hi ame, it sounds like your neuro is doing all the right tests.

No, you didnt do wrong in not asking if it could be MS. i should think it could be the right time to ask at the results appointment when you next see your neuro, if he says he cant diagnose you first.

It can take a long time to get any kind of diagnosis…even folk with lesions on scans are still left wondering.

Ive been trying to get a frim diagnoses for many years. They keep changing their minds whats wrong with me.

Stick with it love and let`s hope you are diagnosed sooner rather than later, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Ame,

I too went for my first neuro appointment on Friday last week, I had all the various tests…but the guy never told me how I did…he never smiled once…which made me feel very nervous and awkward.

He actually asked me what I thought was wrong with me…I told him that I was not a doctor but I thought maybe MS. He told me that he didn’t think I had MS but maybe ME or Fibro. I have got to have brain and neck scans too. He also said that I may have to have needles put into my arm to test my nerves…He made me feel quite bad as he said that there is going to be a lot of time and money spent on trying to find out what is wrong with me…(is that my fault)?,

Good Luck and hope you get some answers soon.