Nerve pathways

can m.s. affect the function of the heart, kidneys etc. by ‘damaging’ the nerve pathways to these areas?

hiya heart def yes. others i can only guess yes. ellie

I have wondered this to. One day will my liver try to breathe instead of a lung … hopefully I won’t know a lot about it! It is a worry I just don’t remember to ask my nurses when I go… looking forward to learning more … perhaps Dr Geoff will know??

ah nothing like a bit of pre christmas cheer!

yeah it’s a worry, my aunt died from complications arising from ms.

i’m going to have a glass of cheer now.


I’m more bothered about what it’s doing to my brain. But if it helps to worry about other organs, then feel free.

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I’m only guessing - but logically every system in the body has nerves and as such i’m thinking that everything associated with nerves has the potential to be affected. Having said that there are some problems that are more prevalent than others i.e. fatigue, optic neuritis etc. etc. etc. I reckon the potential is there for anything and everything to be affected.

My GP reckons it can effect ANY nerve path which in turn could effect ANY muscle group.

I’ve been having issues with tinnitus last few months and my GP is convinced its the MS effecting the small muscles around the ear drum ? When I rang the MS clinic for advice they totally agreed with my GP’s assumption.

A lesion in the brain stem has the potential to affect any part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The ANS controls the auto functions like breathing, heart pumping, temperature regulation, etc.
This is a good reason to have the C-spine scanned as well as the brain when you have an MRI.

I have just seen a new neuro (on account of a 200 mile move and he was surprised that I had not had and MRI since diagnosis, He has put me down for an MRI (brain + C-spine) and added the T-spine when I told him that was where it started.