I have been posting about my husband’s Trigeminal Neuralgia, he has SP.

He is currently in hospital and the doctors and saying that his widely varying BP is a symptom of MS. It seems to be going from very high to low very quickly. Anyone else have/heard of this? I know BP can be affected, but the variations??

Thanks in advance

I have slightly high BP which is controlled by meds, my BP tests show that its well controlled.

I did ask my GP and MS clinic if my BP was effected by the MS and both said no ?

So now I’m a bit confused and a tad worried that you say MS does effect BP ?

I’ve a clinic appointment in a few weeks so I’ll bring the subject up again.

Oddly my liver function enzyme levels are erratic, one test show’s they are up, and very up high too, the next they are down, then they might go back up again ?

I’m constantly having to give blood to keep a check on it, I’m also having a liver scan shortly.

I did wonder if the MS was causing this ?

Hi Bonnie

This is quite a useful explanation of the role of the autonomic nervous system and the body functions it controls.

This branch of the nervous system is enormously affected by MS lesions in the brain stem so this could be one possible reason for your husband’s swinging BP changes.

There are also other possible reasons specific to his individual physiological status but I am assuming they will have already taken a good look at blood chemistry, heart rate and rhythm.

Thanks for the replies. It is an interesting, complex area and of course everyone is different. One of the problems with Ms is that it is easy to blame just about anything and everything on the condition

Harebell - thanks for the link

jactac - excellent that your doctors are keeping such a close eye

Husband is much better today and they are looking to discharge once he has seen a neurologist. However I don’t feel that we are any further forward or have an understanding of what has been going on.

One thing my MS team always keep telling me is DONT blame the MS for everything !

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That is so true.