ms, light headed Ness and high bllodpressure

Can anybody please tell me if there’s a link to lightheadnesss high blood pressure and ms? A few weeks ago I started having spells of lightheadedness (rather than the usual vertigo we all seem to get on occasions) I saw gp about it and my blood pressure was high. A couple of days later she gave meet a blood pressure monitor to record it at home but the last 2 weeks it’s been fine but I’ve had no lightheadedness. Then on Sunday it came back with a vengeance and on Monday my BP was very high. My gp doesn’t understand this and is trying to get in touch with the ms team (good luck with that one!) So I thought I would have more luck asking you guys

Strictly, the brain controls everything, so I’d say it’s hypothetically possible, but certainly not a common MS symptom.

The only reason I ever get my blood pressure checked is because I’m on the contraceptive pill - not because it’s a particular thing to watch out for with MS.

Some meds affect blood pressure (higher or lower), and of course stress does too. Did anything happen Sunday/Monday that was more stressful than the other days?

Do you happen to work? Some people get a rise in blood pressure on a Sunday, in anticipation of being back to work in the morning.