Is there any evidence that m.s. lesions in the brain can cause problems with blood pressure, heart rate and breathing?

I’m not sure but I think mine did as I had some sleep apnea - gasping for breath in the night and also found it hard to breath for a whole night when I had a major relapse. I had to go and sit quietly in the lounge at night time. It was a bit upsetting. I have lesions in neck, spine and brain. Today I have been finding it a little hard to breath. I have fairly high blood pressure but its not all the time.

Check out Rizzo’s thread from last year.


I have autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia) and can only presume it’s down to damage somewhere. My neuro said it’s unusual with MS, but it does happen. Autonomic nervous system controls things like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, temperature control etc. My blood pressure drops when I am upright for any length of time (sometimes leading to drop falls), and my heart can start to race for no reason.