can M.S cause hypertension/respritory probs???

Hi all,
Iv posted recently regarding possible M.S, I am undiagnosed/treated.

I have just found out I am hypertensive and have been prescribed lisprionil 5mg blood pressure tabs. However, iv had attacks/episodes since taking my tabs and my blood pressure sores dangerously high after these episode and then comes back down, it appears from the cardiologist report, my heart etc is all fine, kidneys and adrenal glands and kidney scans, so it looks like the underlying condition I have, has now caused hypertension as another additional symptom (like all ready dont have enough)!
Vascular conditions I think were looked at before at the onset of the first chronic attack but no indication as yet.

Can M.S cause respritory problems and hypertension??? I am now thinking along the lines of neurosarcoidosis or something similar. I would of thought this would of been picked up on the 2 MRI’S I had??? any thoughts??

many thanks

Really knackered so forgive the brevity of response:

The thing that I know of that can influence respiration and blood pressure is the vagus nerve which can be affected by MS.

I’m sure there must be other causes too though.

Re MRI & neurosarcoidosis: as far as I know, it is visible on MRI, but I would guess that it depends on the type of scans used and the settings.