Nerve conduction test


Iv had a nerve conduction test today and although i was not given the results i was told told it did not look like anything sinister.While i understand the meaning of sinister im wondering what it means in terms of health.

Has anyone else been told this?



My guess is that there are test results that they tend to regard as red flags for something ghastly, and that you haven’t got any of those!

So, vaguely reassuring, which is good, but not actually terribly specific. It’s more ‘wait and see’, I’m afraid. As it so often is, isn’t it?


My neurologist gave me the result of my test. The neurophysiologist who carried out the test told me nothing, the same as with the Evoked Potential Response Test. I understand interpretation is a specialist task.

So, as Alison says, it’s ‘wait and see’ I’m afraid.

I guess it is…wait and see.the comment did however raise for questions than answers.


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Can i ask you if the nerve test identified problems with your nervous system?

All I can tell you is that the EVP and Nerve Conduction tests together identified both a Peripheral and a Central Neuropathy, the latter being an indicator of MS. I was given both sets of results simultaneously, but am not really sure exactly what the Nerve test on its own showed. Sorry I can’t be of more help.