Nere conduction test results


Iv got the nerve conduction test results back which are normal. Does that mean that neurological problems are ruled out. Iv not got neuro follow up appointment yet so pretty much in the dark as to what happens next…if anything.



Hi ya Christine, did you have the nerve test with involves needles in your legs and a charge being sent through, to measure the speed the brain receives signals, or the evoked potentials where they place connections on your scalp,

i had the first one and was clear prior to seeing a neurologist, once I saw him he has now sending me for the evoked potentials, which he explained it as more of the brain and spine functions, (cns) .

i am lead to believe the first can be negative, but a positive in the second could with other tests ie Mri and lp could be signs of Ms,

if I am wrong please someone correct me, as this is just how it’s been explained to me,

hope that helps my love x x

take care Heidi x

Hi Christine,

I’ve never had the nerve conduction tests, but I agree with Heidi.

I think they are testing the local (peripheral) nerves to check if there’s a problem with them. If they are working normally, the problem could be that they are not getting proper signals from “higher up” (brain and spinal cord), which could mean there’s a problem there instead.

Sorry that doesn’t mean you’re off-the-hook just yet.



Hi I saw a neurosurgeon who sent me for nerve conduction tests they were normal so I am waiting to see neurologist as problem may be in cns not peripheral nerves like I have been led to believe.

Thanks for your replies. Yes the test i had was needles on my arms and legs. I dont think he was thinking of Ms more a muscle disease. However my symptoms like alot of people are wide spread it could be any number of things. Personally i was suspecting autonomic nerve damage if any.

Hi Christine, if you can get hold of your neuro and possibly ask what’s the next steps, even if it is through an email. X

or your gp, but usually(again I’m assuming, ) if you had an appointment with neuro and they requested this test then maybe they may want to follow up? You go should be able to advise you on how to contact them, x

best of luck Hun x