Is a normal nerve conduction test typical?

Is a normal nerve conduction test typical of MS? If it only tests the PNS, would another issue be present for it to be abnormal? What does a normal test result rule out?

I think a nerve conduction test that only tests some part of the peripheral nervous conduction is irrelevant for detecting MS damage as that occurs exclusively in the central nervous system, therefore the test result would probably be normal for someone with MS. An abnormal pns test would point to the possibility of other illnesses causing nerve problems, eg diabetes. A normal test just indicates the nerve appears to be functioning normally.

Thanks exactly what I’ve read. But I had a normal EMG/Nerve Conduction Test today and the neurologist commented that my symptoms therefore couldn’t be neurological.

I didn’t think quickly enough to ask what conditions specifically were ruled out by my results and could there still be an issue in the central nervous system. I’m waiting for his written results, which granted, could show much more, but he specified that it couldn’t be neurological but could be a muscle enzyme issue or ???

I feel more confused rather than less!