Nerve conduction study

Just a quick question if anyone has a bit more knowledge about this, I’m getting a nerve conduction study on wednesday (I’m not diagnosed, had normal brain mri and normal bloods but several neurological symptoms), if a problem is detected by nerve conduc study, would that pretty much rule out ms as the problem would be peripheral? Any insight appreciated

Hi. I had a nerve study in January the lady said everything was normal. However I don’t know what that means because I’m always afraid to ask questions. I’m waiting for MRI results now. Hopefully someone can answer who knows. Cat

Thanks for your reply. I’m the same, dont ask enough questions and kicking myself about it after. I feel very comfortable now with my gp and so I ask her all my questions and she’s very good answering them with the knowledge of my history. I did ask the neuro last time what could the study show and she said carpal tunnel… and my gp said the same but she’s doubtful this is what we’re looking at since my arm is only a fraction of my symptoms and that it wouldn’t explain facial, leg and back problems… makes sense to me. But I do wish they find something otherwise we dont know where to go from there…

No single test can definitively rule in or out ms. But you can make a good guess based on some symptoms.

Hi Aissa,

My symptoms are very similar, I have left facial numbness, I sometimes end up dribbling when I talk which is very embarrassing. I have a dead left arm and left leg is very heavy, I feel like i have weights hanging off my leg above my knee which makes the lower part extremely difficult to lift. It’s becoming such a problem to walk and drive.

It’s such a long waiting game. I just want to know what I have to get the right meds.



Some years ago, I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy after a nerve conduction study found a delay. I was also, after repeat MRIs and Evoked Potentials, diagnosed with MS and informed that there was no connection between the two conditions, and that the majority of patients with PN have it as a result of diabetes, which happily I don’t have. But no cause of my PN has ever been found, so I have wondered if one of my many brain lesions (about seventy or eighty at last MRI) could be responsible, however, my neuro says no. So it’s a mystery.

As you’re finding out, there aren’t many quick answers to quick questions, we just have to wait for the neuros to do their job, and it can sometimes be frustratingly slow, but that’s just how it is.

Hope you get some answers soon.


Is the PN progressive ben?

Yes, it has worsened, but only very slowly. The worst thing is the stabbing pains, I take gabapentin which reduces the frequency of them a great deal, but doesn’t stop them altogether.

I’m waiting for an appointment to come through for a nerve conduction on my legs…what actually happens during the test?

My neuro prescribed me Pregabalin at my last appointment and it seems to be helping a little although the numb sensations persist.