Not diagnosed yet. Confused.

Hi. About 6 months ago I started having numbness and tingling in my left hand. I soon experienced weakness and was unable to pick up small objects, open zip lock baggies , tie shoes, things like that. Recently the numbness and tingling has progressed and includes my whole left arm, occasionally my shoulders, chest and both legs. I also experienced the tight band around my chest and I told my pcp that it felt like my bra was too tight. . I went to the neurologist and had an EEG, EMG and a nerve conduction study. I’m not sure about the nerve conduction study but I do know that my EMG was abnormal showing decreased activity in my left arm and atrophy of the muscles in my hand and arm. I was also told I have peripheral neuropathy and I’m not diabetic. My neurologist ordered an MRI and set my follow up appointment for march 20th. I had my MRI a week ago and called for results yesterday. The nurse told me my c spine results and said I didn’t have a pinched nerve. I asked for the results of my brain and she told me to hang on and then came back and said that they were the only results that the Dr gave her, she then said that the results will be discussed at my appointment on March 20th. My questions are, does any of this sound familiar and if my brain MRI showed MS lesions is it likely he’d wait a month to see me.
It’s so frustrating, my husband thinks this is all in my head and that if I do have MS that my Dr would see me now and not make me wait. Can anyone help me understand what might be going on. I’m also having a lot of pain in my left arm and feet.
Thank you so much.

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I am sorry to say that MS is not normally classed as urgent. My consultant now writes to me and my doctor with results.
But not uncommon to wait for an appointment to talk about results.
Now if its more urgent like a brain tumor i am sure you would be seen quick.

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Sorry to hear this. I’m have very similar systems. Had 3 nerve tests now. Last test showed bilateral ulnar nerve and mild compression on C7. May of last year had MRI which found lesion. Then had cervical spine MRI which showed bulging discs with peripheral. Having so many problems with Doctors not taking me seriously even tho I’ve got a possible ms diagnosis. Feel like we live in a world like where nobody understands us. I’m now 9 years since my first nerve test

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Thank you so much for responding. I’m sorry you’re going through this too. I feel the same way you do. Nobody can see our symptoms and a lot of them are so vague and hard to explain that I feel like I’m not taken seriously either. On top of that I’m bipolar so people chalk that up to being crazy or dramatic. I’m so frustrated right now. My husband doesn’t believe me and gets angry if I talk about it. It’s scares me thinking that if something is wrong and I need help in the future that I’ll be all alone. If he can’t talk about how I feel now then it scares me how he could possible deal with me. Sadly he’s the only person I have. I have no other family. I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.
I really appreciate your empathy. It’s something I thought I’d never even be thinking about. We just never know do we ?! Through my life I’ve found that anything can happen to anyone.
You take care and thank you again for sharing your experience. You don’t know how much that means.

I know little or nothing about Peripheral Neuropathy but from a Quick Look i see it can have various causes and although it can be a feature of MS that isn’t very common. I fear you are just going to have to wait for your appointment to find out more.

Well, it does sound rather similar to my own experience, I must admit. I remember many years ago explaining to the neurologist at my first appointment that my left hand didn’t have the strength to depress the button on the can of Pledge. So I did smile when I saw that you were reaching for those kind of everyday household examples to describe something really, really odd.

Which doesn’t mean I think you have MS too, of course: I haven’t the least idea and know nothing about it beyond my personal experience.

I’m afraid there’s nothing to do but wait. One of the things my doctor was interested in early on was what happened to those symptoms over time (got better/got worse/went away) so I would suggest keeping a list of roughly when things have come and gone.

As for timings of consultations, I can only suggest not trying to read things into anything. We all do it, but it’s rarely useful. The NHS sometimes works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform, and trying to second-guess is rarely helpful.

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time.

Sorry to say it wouldn’t be classed as urgent. I had a brain MRI in September which found a lesion. Then had another brain MRI with contrast in October which found more lesions. My C-spine MRI which was done at the same time was clear. I’ve only just had my appointment come through for 8th March to discuss what it all means. I’ve been pushing my GP, who has been sending letters to neurology. This is as fast as it gets! 6 months and counting since onset of symptoms - which were kinda similar to yours. My left toes and leg started tingling, then my entire left side of my body from head to toe was tingling and has pins and needles. I went to GP who sent me to A&E wanting to rule out stroke. Saw a neurologist in A&E who found I had brisk reflexes and positive Hoffman sign. Then all the MRIs… still haven’t got a clue if it’s MS. Or something else? Or nothing?

It must be frustrating even if your husband doesn’t understand. Seems like nobody understands these days and it’s like a competition who more poorly. I used a service called PALS to help push along neuro at my hospital. They seem to take your more seriously. Hope this helps