nerve conduction study results

I am in limboland at the moment. My gp thought peripheral neuropathy but my nerve conduction results came back today & said …

".the results are entirely normal including size, velocity & motor parameters. At this stage there is no evidence of suspecte large fibre peripheral neuropathy.

Some of her symptoms can be explained by short fibre dysfunction. Biopsy & thermal threshold testing are 2 ways to investigate small fibre neropathy.

As the she has only had the symptoms since May, if the symptoms continue to remain unexplained, repeat neurophysiology in 6 to 9 months is advised."

My symptoms are, feet-- tingling, prickling & some numbness

right wrist & hand, tingling & my arm feels like a dead weight

really tierd even if I dont do much

pain in my right foot which causes me to limp


extremely itchy arms

I see my nero for the forst time on 13th november so not long to wait. I’, so worried as to whats wrong. I just want to feel ok. Will the neuro offer any clue as to whats wrong, or do thye just tend to request further tests???

thank you


I don’t know much about this, but I think they are saying that your tests are normal, but that your symptoms could be explained by a different form of peripheral neuropathy that they can’t test (but that biopsy & thermal threshold testing can). They seem to be suggesting that symptoms can appear before the tests can pick up the problem so that’s why it would be sensible to redo the tests in 6-9 months, if you are still having symptoms.

This should provide the neuro with some good info to add to your clinical exam results and symptoms so that he/she has a better idea what’s going on. Some neuros tend to keep their ideas to themselves, but there’s no reason why you can’t ask what he/she thinks it might be, and what happens next.

I hope it goes well.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, thats what I though about the test results too.

I have also had 2 uti’s since June & I need to pass urine really frequently. This doesnt tie in with small fibre neuropathy thiough. Oh well, roll on Tuesday & lets hope the neuro id good.