Nellie has arrived

My new chair is a big beast of hard-core support. It supports me in the right places and helps posture. When the weather improves, I shall terrorise the people of Crowborough in it.

But it’s difficult to transfer from or to. I’m working on it.

Why’s it called Nellie? It’s a jumbo.



Well that’s wonderful news! A big welcome for Nellie! I hope you have many lovely adventures with her. I’ve didn’t name any of my chairs but I have to agree they become faithful friends and a big part of my life .my first chair was a manual called Roma…she came with that name. I didnt have a good relationship with Roma , I was still grieving my loss of mobility she was a cheap basic manual chair meant to be used short term as I was defiantly going to get better my next chair was another manual one from the ns this time , it was a bit more comfortable than the Roma but still had a stigma …I hated being pushed but this time I decorated my chair with hanging bats and a spider and a little sheep. I’ve still got that chair as a spare. Since then I’ve had an enigma which was big and bulky but I started to form an attachment I have to say I loved that chair it was my freedom and I didn’t need to hang teddies or bats on it as I now had my gorgeous Frazer (assistance dog attached to it . I was quite sad to see that chair go but since then I’ve graduated to my salsa mini quicky and with my lovable Frazer at the side of me Its fantastic, it’s myfavorite chair. All you need now is a Frazer Steve. Happy motoring Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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